Phoenix Hybrid Battery Repair, Recondition or Hybrid Battery Replacement?

Maybe you’ve experienced one or more of these symptoms on your hybrid electric vehicle:

    • Has your Hybrid felt sluggish, lacking the power and acceleration that it once had?
    • Have you experienced a loss of fuel efficiency?
    • Perhaps you have a warning light on indicating your hybrid battery is failing.
    • Have you been told by another repair facility that your hybrid battery needs replacing?

What should you do?

If you are listening to the advice of a local hybrid repair dealer, in most cases they will say your only option for Phoenix hybrid battery repair is to replace the whole hybrid battery at a cost of up to $4000 or more if your hybrid battery is out of warranty!

While they are not necessarily lying to you, and replacement will fix your hybrid battery repair problem, the fact is most Independent Service Centers and Dealers alike do not have the training and specialty hybrid service equipment to properly analyze your hybrid battery repair, nor do they have the infrastructure to facilitate an advanced repair on hybrid batteries. So in most cases the battery is replaced when there is very likely a more cost effective hybrid battery repair solution.

Our hybrid battery repair Phoenix service center is certified, experienced, and equipped to meet all of your hybrid and hybrid battery repair needs. Our hybrid technicians will utilize the most advanced equipment and hybrid diagnostic methods in analyzing your hybrid vehicle and hybrid battery needs.

Hybrid battery Reconditioning Repair Equipment

Most hybrid batteries can be repaired or reconditioned!

With many hybrid batteries we find that perhaps one small serviceable component has failed, and once that component is isolated and replaced the battery operates perfectly fine. With other hybrid batteries a simple hybrid battery balancing process can be applied to achieve success. And yet in other hybrid batteries scenarios a full hybrid battery reconditioning service will be required. Hybrid battery reconditioning restores the hybrid battery to approximately 95% of its original health, restoring the power and mileage you once enjoyed. These hybrid battery repair and service alternatives will save you a fortune over dealer hybrid battery repair in Phoenix (replacement)! Due to age of modules on market the success rate of battery reconditioning is no longer considered a viable option for long term repair. For most vehicles we recommend new battery replacement.

So how much will Phoenix hybrid battery repair cost?

  • Failed hybrid battery component repair- Prices vary.
  • Hybrid Battery Balancing
  • Complete Hybrid Battery Reconditioning
  • Rarely needed Hybrid Battery Replacement

ToyoMotors hybrid battery repair in Phoenix offers a wide range of hybrid repair and service from basic services like oil changes and spark plugs to the complex process of hybrid battery repair and conditioning. While many service centers may say they work on Hybrid cars, you should only choose a Certified Phoenix Hybrid Repair Shop. Toyota is the industry leader in Hybrid vehicle manufacturing, and ToyoMotors is the Certified Independent Hybrid Repair leader in Phoenix! We maintain the highest levels of training available in the hybrid auto repair industry, and we provide an affordable, and environmentally friendly battery service option.

We can service most makes and models including popular Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Highlander hybrid, Lexus CT hybrid, Lexus NX hybrid, Lexus RX hybrid, Lexus ES hybrid, Lexus GS hybrid, Lexus LS hybrid, Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid, Chevrolet Tahoe and Yukon Hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Insight, Honda Accord Hybrid, Nissan Altima Hybrid, Chevrolet Silverado and Sierra Hybrid, Ford Escape Hybrid to name a few.

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