New Toyo Logo- Hybrid Repair Phoenix

The name hasn’t changed… just what you may call us has.

ToyoMotors has been providing top quality auto repair in North Phoenix for over 35 years. Our corporate name is Geesey Bros Automotive Inc. and has continued as such since inception. In the Summer of 2001 we adopted the Tradename ToyoMotors, and quickly came to be known as ToyoMotors Auto Care by our clientele. Several years later we began to notice that many of our long time clients were calling us Toyo, as a shortened version of ToyoMotors. So in the spring of 2013 we have created a new logo and design to reflect this nickname, see above.

You will see Toyo in our new ToyoMotors logo design, we may even answer the phone “thank you for calling Toyo…” and according to our customers we are Toyo.

In conclusion, whether you call us the Geesey Brothers… ToyoMotors… or Toyo… we will answer the call for top notch, quality Auto Repair and Service in North Phoenix.