Should I drive my car if the “Service Engine Soon” light is on?

The “Service Engine Soon” light also known as a “Check Engine” light, is to let you know that the computer has detected a problem in the system. If the car seems to run normal, sounds normal and your gauges are in the normal operating range then it should be ok to drive. At your earliest convenience schedule an appointment with ToyoMotors Auto Care to have a qualified technician check the system to find the problem.

Why does the steering wheel shake when I apply the brakes?

The most common reason is the brake rotors have become warped due to excessive heat, or they have become too thin to dissipate heat.

My car vibrates at high driving speeds. Do I need an alignment?

Your car may need an alignment, but the most common cause is a tire and wheel assembly out of balance. You can have your tires properly balanced at ToyoMotors Auto Care.

My battery light is on. Does this mean I need a new battery?

The problem is most likely in the charging system. This could cause a battery failure if it’s not checked soon by a technician at ToyoMotors Auto Care.

The air pressure on the side of the tire says 36 psi. Is that what I should run it on?

That is the tire’s maximum air pressure and is set by the vehicle’s manufacturer. This information can be found on the door jamb of most vehicles.

My car is overheating. Does that mean I need to replace the thermostat?

It’s possible, but cooling systems on cars today support electric fans, thermo switches, computers and more, so there are a number of things that could cause overheating. This is why you should always have a qualified technician at ToyoMotors Auto Care check the problem before replacing unnecessary parts.

Should I use synthetic oil in my car?

Some manufacturers now recommend synthetic oil for their vehicles. The price is usually higher so check your vehicle’s owner’s manual or ask a ToyoMotors Auto Care’s technician for proper application.

My fan is blowing so why don’t I have AC?

Even though your blower is part of the AC system that isn’t what makes the air cold. This is why an AC performance test is recommended by a technician at ToyoMotors Auto Care.